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RVPM Designs Services

Software Development

Development of software for Handhelds and PCs.

Web Site Development for Small Businesses

We focus on enhancing our client's business presence on the web. A good web site ensures an optimal user experience as well as achieving marketing goals.

We provide designs services that affect search engine rankings improving not only quantity but quality of traffic to our client's web sites.

We work to make subtle changes that ensures the client's web site is recognized by search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc.) and prioritized near or at the top of the list of the search results page for appropriate keyword searches. We managed "paid" or "sponsored" Google searches that drive prospects to our client's web sites.

Although no search engine result can be guaranteed, our client's sales data demonstrates that our designs and technology have achieved a dramatic improvement in traffic to their web sites, increasing sales, and exposure.

We offer client controlled content. This feature empowers our clients to update their own web site as often as needed, with no extra expense or time waiting for webmasters to get to their updates. Examples include management of events, product offerings, time-sensitive information, weekly specials, etc.

Our database-driven web sites provide site visitors to search at will.

RVPM Designs not only engenders user management of their own content but also we consult with our customers with innovative ideas that increase business and web presence.

Web Site Development for Real Estate Developers

Development of web sites for real estate lot sales with user controlled contents and mapping.

Graphic and Map Design Services

Graphic Designs and customized web and printable maps

Managed Web Hosting

We found over the years our web site development clients needed better hosting services, continuity and reliability than what they were getting for their production web sites. So RVPM Designs now provides fully managed "one-call" web site hosting for many of our clients including support for database driven web sites and managed email administration.


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