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Bret Victor is family and a brilliant engineer, software developer and interface designer. He is working independently in Berkley California at his own company called Worry Dream and has some interesting things to say about interface design.

A new Music Attendance Solutions Rehearsal Assistant now works with with ID scanning by identiMetrics
iDentiMetrics biometric fingerprint identification

A new Sports Attendance Solutions
Coach's Assistant now works with with ID scanning by identiMetrics
iDentiMetrics biometric fingerprint identification

Student Attendance Keeper Links

See some of the awards and rankings for our School Attendance software

Jest In Time
Performers Topper Todd, LiLi Zucchini and Professor I. AM. Smart entertain and educate thousands around the world.

One Fine Party
One Fine Party provides professional party managment services in the Los Angeles, CA area.

New Vision for Africa
New Vision for Africa supports the collection and refurbishing of computers for donation to African countries like Zambia.

Better Barns  
The world's best company for Barn Plans, Shed Plans, Pool Cabanas, Barns and Barn Hardware. Located in Bethlehem, Connecticut.

Better Barns Built  
The world's best company in New England for custom built Barns and Sheds , Located in Bethlehem, Connecticut.

Mark Capecelatro - Northwest Connecticut's Leading Real Estate Lawyer serving Salisbury, CT, Lakeville, CT, Canaan, CT, Sharon, CT, Norfolk, CT and Litchfield CT

Ragamont House Antiques  
Top European Antiques Dealer Pete Hathaway and Mallory Hathaway in Salisbury, CT
Woodwind and Brass Workshop  
Jim Vogel, New England's Best woodwind and saxophone repairs. Mail order musical instrument repairs.

Passports Collection  
The garden antiques, antiques and jewlery in Salisbury CT Wholesale and retail trade. Featuring imported Asian art, clothing and accessories.

Liberty Medical
The company, Liberty Medical, strives to specialize in diabetes supplies and respiratory medications. They are supportive of our work in diabetes software development.

Hidden Tech is a growing group of 800-plus small, mainly home-based companies scattered throughout the Pioneer Valley in Western Mass


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