Welcome to School Attendance Keeper by RVPM Designs
School Attendance Keeper (SAK) is . . . a computer program to track school attendance and create federally mandated attendance reports. School Attendance Keeper (SAK) can be used by a single user or multiple users at the same time from a shared folder on your network.

SAK a shareware program and it can be freely download and tried out. However, the demo is expires after 45 program uses. To purchase SAK user licensing go to Licensing .

The main SAK interface is this easy to use Menu/Icon bar.

File Management
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Purge Database

Importing and Exporting Overview
Import Classes
Import Students
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   Taking Classroom Attendance
   Reports Overview
   General Setup Overview
Auto-create School Days
Manage School Days
Manage Classes
Manage Students
Manage Student-Days
Manage Class-Days
Manage Semesters/Defined Dates
Network Installations

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